The 43 police forces in England and Wales are responsible for providing policing within their boundaries. The 41 police force areas outside of London are each covered by a Police and Crime Commissioner who is responsible for ensuring the public receive value for money policing from their police force.

In London the arrangements for the two police forces are different to the rest of the country. The Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime, part of the Greater London Authority, oversees the Metropolitan Police. The Common Council of the City of London performs the role of the police authority overseeing the City of London Police in the Square Mile

The membership of PACCTS consists of the Treasurer of each of the 41 Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales, as well as the Treasurer to the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime and the Chamberlain to the Common Council of the City of London. The 43 individual members are listed by geographical area below and hyperlinked to their relevant Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner or the equivalent body in London as detailed above.

London Area

Metropolitan Areas

Shire Areas