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Welcome to the Police and Crime Commissioners Treasurers' Society (PACCTS) website

PACCTS represents the Treasurer of each of the 41 Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales, as well as the Treasurer to the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime, and the Chamberlain of the Common Council of the City of London.

Police and Crime Commissioners are elected to ensure police forces are accountable to the public. They are responsible for setting the budget and council tax precept for the force, as well as setting strategic policing priorities, holding the force to account through the Chief Constable and consulting and involving the public.

For more information about the Society and its role, please use the navigation tabs above. Members of the Society are able to log in to access more detailed information on police and local government finance, as well as meeting papers and other documents.

Latest News


Factsheet: Provisional Police Funding Settlement 2019-20

The Home Office has published the provisional police funding settlement for 2019-20. This sets out the total amount of money going into policing next year, including how much each individual Police and Crime Commissioner in England and Wales will receive.

The Government is proposing a total settlement of up to £14 billion, which is an increase of up to £970 million [more...]


Police use force disproportionately against black people in England and Wales, figures suggest

Police are using force disproportionately against black people in England and Wales, statistics released for the first time suggest.

Figures released by the Home Office showe [more...]


Police funding: Government pledges extra £300m

Police forces in England and Wales are set to receive an extra £300m to help pay for pension expenses and other costs, ministers have announced.

Since 2010, central governme [more...]